Saturday, December 1, 2007

Posts of the Week: 11/24 - 11/30

There's a lot of good blog posts around the web on China each week, but I'll probably end up showing bias towards substantive posts. That said, let's begin with the exceptions:

James Fallows, "The" way vs "a" way (Japan v China dept)
I read this post in the library... Big mistake... Nerves run high during finals... Lots of people clearing their throats as I stifled giggle after giggle because I couldn't stop staring at "a" way...

Josh at Cup of Cha, China Should Forgive American Debt
Was Learn 2 Economy's comment a parody of potential readers of this satiric post?

Now on to the substantive...

Brad Luo at China Business Law Blog was on a roll this past week with three outstanding posts.

Mr. Luo has two posts on the Danone-Wahaha dispute. The first, Danone-Wahaha Dispute: No End in Sight, gives an overview of the world wide litigation with a hint of things to come in Mr. Luo's later post, Why Did My Lawyer Quit? Be sure to check out China Law Blog's follow up, Danone Wahaha: An Update.

Mr. Luo's other post, Move Over, Administrative Regulations!, is a fine piece of case analysis about laws trumping regulations in practice rather than just by theory. Again, China Law Blog has an informative follow up, China Law Evolving -- Businesses Take Note, Part VI.

Dan has two more important posts at China Law Blog: Foreign Investor LLCs In China: The Old Law Is Still The Law, which provides a nice summary of a an article by Steve Dickinson on China's Company Law; and Setting Up Production In China For SMEs, which gives a "pretty accurate analysis on what it takes to set up production in China."

Since I really like Friedrich Hayek, and Kevin Rudd had something to do with China at one point, here's a post from Free Exchange, Tie me Hayek down, Rudd!

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