Saturday, December 8, 2007

Posts of the Week: 12/1 - 12/7

James Fallows and Zhang Zilin dominated the China blogosphere this past week. Some good came despite this...

China Legal -- The Elevator Speech at China Law Blog
Fine, short piece by Dan Harris on protecting business interests in China. The summary? 1) do Due Diligence; 2) Obey the law; 3) protect your Intellectual Property; 4) have good Contracts.

It's Getting Hotter - Climate Change & IP Strategy at IP ThinkTank
An interesting article by Duncan Bucknell and Joanne Sinclair on building climate change into IP strategy. One tip: "Your organization may have an environmental policy, but has it filtered through to your core business or your IP Strategy?"

Danone/Wahaha: Divine Intervention (Part 6) at Managing the Dragon
Jack Perkowski on dispute resolution by political leaders. Specifically, French President Nicholas Sarkozy talked Danone-Wahaha with Chinese President Hu Jintao during a state dinner on Mr. Sarkozy's first official visit to China. Mr. Perkowski thinks that politicians are better at solidifying new deals than resolving disputes in China, and "a great deal of tough negotiations remain ahead".

Venice, the Venetian Macao and the Venetian, Las Vegas at China Briefing Blog
Chris Devonshire-Ellis' case study comparing a couple of Venetians with the real deal. Each hotel alone surpasses the GDP of the city of Venice, but for Mr. Devonshire-Ellis, a Limoncello in the original Cafe Florian cannot be beat. If I did not have a tax final on Monday, I would not be obsessing over whether this is a deductible business expense.

All Roads Lead to China an China Hearsay on the US-China WTO Subsidy Settlement
Stan, you and Mr. Brubaker did such a great job covering the topic that I felt fine trolling the Miss World blog posts. These two posts and a radio piece on NPR beg the question, what is a subsidy in a world full of multinational companies? Also check out this interview of John Kimberey by Knowledge@Wharton which tries to answer that question.

India--China Developing Cross-Border Trade Links at
Sheetal Guliani gives a concise history of Eastern trade routes and explains modern efforts to develop these routes. I wish I could have been there for the whole presentation!

Aviation buffs only: Japan-Taiwan snapshots at James Fallows' blog
Mr. Fallows appears to be poking some fun at the controversy (here and here) over a post in which he documented, as referred to in this new post, "refueling the airplane through the time-honored mouth-siphon technique".

“China Trademark Update: Has Your Distributor (Representative, Manufacturer) in China Registered your Mark?” at China Business Law Blog
Some judicial interpretation on the meaning of agent (代理人) and representative (代表人) under Chinese Trademark Law.

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