Sunday, April 20, 2008

Posts of the Week: 4/14 - 4/20

In the interest of possibly drawing more Chinese visitors to the site, I'm expanding the title to include a Chinese idiom that roughly expresses the same idea as the current title. 不经一事,不长一智. Still, I'm not implying that I have much experience or wisdom. Rather, I am on a quest for experience to develop the wisdom.

What can you do about late shipping? at Silk Road International
How to fix some of those pesky shipping problems when sourcing from China.

Chinese Joint Ventures -- The Information The Chinese Government Does Not Want You To Know at China Law Blog
Wow! The JV low-down from on high.

Shipping Questions at Silk Road International
Some interesting answers to questions on sourcing from China. Plus, see commmentary from CLB, including the comments.

The Law and New Tech in China at China Hearsay
Stan Abrams discusses the difficulty of explaining legal risks to foreign companies that wish to sell nano-widgets in China when the Ministry of Mysterious Technology lacks a formal policy. Plus, commentary by CLB: write a CYA letter.

More evidence of increasing risks at China financial markets
Michael Pettis warns that the large amount of hot money flowing into China may be contributing to increased costs across the boards, and the "rigidities and excesses in corporate activity and balance sheets" during booming periods is often exposed for worse and exacerbates economic downturns.

america and the eu “team up” on chinese toy safety at China Esquire
Thomas Chow wonders what effect if any, EU and US persuasions will have on Chinese toy safety.

'Informal' Clinton China Adviser says Goobye to Campaign 08 at TIME: China Blog
Sigh... Despite and because of Hilary Clinton's hawkish stance on China trade a pragmatic adviser has fled the Clinton Camp.

Summary Judgment/Procedure in China at China Business Law Blog
Where else in the English speaking world can you find blog posts investigating the possibility of summary judgment in Chinese litigation? Nowhere else.

Energy Conservation Law (Industrial, Commercial, and Residential Construction) at China Environmental Law
Charlie McElwee evaluates the law to figure out what "fixed asset investment" projects are now subject to.

"If Chewbacca lives on Endor, you must acquit!" at Boulder2Beijing
If you use examples from South Park to explain China, I will post a link to you in the Posts of the Week. I'm not sure the post made sense because each of those things do make sense (you yell at people for almost hurting your kids regardless of who is at fault; sometimes it is easier to read than 听得懂, especially in China where nobody necessarily speaks the same dialect but the literate can read; back in the Dark Ages of California I don't recall being able to smell the cigarette smoke in the non-smoking sections of restaurants), but I just really like South Park.

Two Worlds - One Place at Montagna Vita
College friend Alex Mondau is back at work at an orphanage in Nepal. The orphanage is supported by The Great Adventure Treks and Expeditions, a tourism service for the Himalayas. Not China, though his plans were almost disrupted by the stuff in the region.


燕迈锟 said...

You had to be there, my friend. It was absurd.

Will Lewis said...

Regardless, your post was a pleasure to read, and thought/flashback provoking.