Tuesday, December 2, 2008

There's No Competing With This AML Guide

DLA Publications just released the handiest and easiest to read primer on China's AML provisions that I've run across. It's also pretty dang pretty.

The subject matter is a little rough for a firm attorney; you're not going to be able to read this 18 page guide and be able to adequately assess whether your M&A deal will meet approval. But, this is a great jumping off point for student research and in house attorneys. It really makes you aware of the important articles in the AML, and can help you in deeper research.

To reiterate some points I've made in the past (in that post there are links to other folks' AML guides for comparison purposes), I think the AML is totally cool because you get some actual numbers to guide you on making sure your proposed merger won't be disqualified by MOFCOM. Legal certainty, vague and ambiguous is not.

Check this out for some info on the AML review of the In Bev - Anheuser Busch merger.

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