Monday, August 17, 2009

What's Next? The Post-JD, Post-Bar Edition

My posting sort of petered out there for a while. I blame it on studying for the bar. I was not prepared for the tedium that is studying the black letter law of some imaginary legal jurisdiction. The studying did prepare me for writing the most boring essays I've ever written for an exam. The cleverest I let myself get was writing, "If a truck crashed on an interstate highway then it would be a literal obstruction of interstate commerce." So here's what's been happening, and what's going to happen.

In May I graduated from University of San Diego School of Law. In July I took the California Bar. Next week I begin NYU's LL.M. Graduate Tax Program.

Why tax? During my international investment course last semester it dawned on me how integral tax issues are to every aspect and every type of international investment. I like working with the tax code, the tax code is constantly changing, and it is heavy on the politics and the policy. International tax is even more fun because it at least doubles up on each of the above. Plus I like the arithmetic.

Course of study? I'm going to focus on an international tax.

Goals? Work in international tax, and focus on US-China investments.

What's this mean for the blog? You might have noticed that last Winter-Spring the blog was getting more tax heavy. I'd expect more of the same. There will still be general legal and business topics along with my attempts at avoiding domestic Chinese politics. And I might write about whatever the hell want to on the weekends.

If you're in New York, give me a holler. Especially if you know where to get some cheap tasty food.

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