Sunday, November 1, 2009

Posts of the Week: 10/26 - 11/1

China Antimonopoly Law Update at China Realtime Report
Discussing two interesting lawsuits under the AML, one against China Mobile, and the other against Shanda and Xuanting.

Love The One You're With. When China Joint Ventures Make Sense at China Law Blog
Dan covers some instances where he thinks JVs are appropriate.

A Call For More Transparency In China’s Africa Investments at China Realtime Report

China Briefing's Series on Chinese JVs
China Joint Ventures as Strategic Investment
China Joint Ventures: Legal Due Diligence
China Joint Ventures: Financial Due Diligence

Preparing For Domestic Carbon Trading In China at China Law Update
Information on what may be China's first domestic carbon trading market.

Looking Under the Hood of the China Deal Machine at Deal Journal
Deal Journal getting excited about Volvo, Sino-Swedish relationships, and Qatari gas deals.

CIC Gives Rare Tally of Overseas Spending at China Realtime Report
It is what it is. Anybody else totally stoked about WSJ's way expanded China coverage?

China Antimonopoly Law Series at Antitrust & Competition Policy Blog
China’s Antimonopoly Law—One Year Down
China’s Antimonopoly Law—One Year Down: Part 2. China’s new merger review regime
China’s First Court Decision under the Antimonopoly Law: A Misreading of the Law?

Decoding China: Why Its Stock Markets, GDP Aren’t Linked at Deal Journal
"A unique characteristic of China’s equity market is the relatively high percentage of nontradable shares held by the central government, local governments and state-owned enterprises. One feature of this system is the transfer of risks to the country’s individual stock investors, causing price aberrations in the stock market, while keeping outsize returns for the government holders of nontradeable shares."

Head West, China: An Interview with Private Equity Consultant, Song Jin by Aimee Barnes

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